Radius Manager language customization guide

This document provides language customization directives for Radius Manager 3.1 and newer versions.

  1. Download the official English language definitions file from our downloads section or locate it in your radiusmanager/lang directory.
  2. Translate the second column in files strings.txt and texts.txt
  3. Translate email template files mail*_tpl_txt
  4. Edit and translate the invoice html file with your favorite html editor (invoice_tpl.htm).

Use UNIX textual file type (which contains only LF at the end of the line) and a UTF-8 compatible editor.

Create a directory under radiusmanager/lang which contains the name of your language (for example Spanish). Copy the translated files to this directory.

After completing the operation, You will see the new language available in System / System settings panel in Interface language listbox. Select the new language and test it.

The system uses UTF-8 encoding. Be sure You are using a UTF-8 text editor.


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