Radius Manager frequently asked questions


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Which operating systems are supported?

Why Radius Manager is better than other, similar systems?

Can I customize the look and feel of Radius Manager?

Are the source codes available?

Is there a demo version available?

I don't know Linux at all. How can I install Radius Manager on my host?

Can I gather data with my own PHP application from the RADIUS database?

Can I migrate accounts from other RADIUS billing system to DMA Radius Manager?

How can I upgrade my system from older versions?

Which ChilliSpot versions are supported?

Can I use my DD-WRT router with Radius Manager?

I have a StarOS server. Can I use it with Radius Manager?

Can I control my NAS which is not listed in the compatibiliy chart?

Can I control my NAS which has dynamic IP address (ADSL etc.)?


Problems during installation

Where can I find the installation manual?

I am receiving the following error in the browser: "The encoded file /var/www/html/radiusmanager/funcs.php is corrupt"

I'm getting a blank page when I'm accessing the admin.php or user.php. What to do?

Upon accessing Radius Manager in browser numerous debug messages are displayed. Why?

I'm getting blank page or "The license is not valid for this server" message but I have installed a license for the correct MAC address. What is the problem?

Compiling FreeRadius on Ubuntu reports problems. How to fix it?


Problems during usage

How can my customers access their web interface (UCP - User Control Panel)?

I'm getting login failed messages: "You are already logged in: Access denied". Actually, the user is not connected to the NAS.

How many online users can Radius Manager handle with one Mikrotik NAS?

How can I enable special characters (like @) in usernames, passwords?

When I try access the ACP, it shows: "Table 'radacct' is marked as crashed and should be repaired."

I'm planning to use PayPal to accept payments online. Is my country supported?

My system works slow. When I have installed it, it was very fast. What happened?

Why users disappear from the ACP online list after 10 minutes?

RADIUS server is not responding. What can be the problem?

Expired accounts aren't getting disconnected. Remote disconnection mode is selected and total traffic capping is enabled in service plan.

Multiple Hotspot logins on Mikrotik are not allowed even if I set sim-use > 1 in ACP.

Some accounts are automatically disabled every morning. Why?

Wlan signal monitoring is not working. How to debug it?

How to configure the Mikrotik walled garden for PayPal use?

How to enable Hotspot MAC authentication?

In CentOS 6.x MySQL server won't start after an unclean system shutdown.

Graphs aren't updated and/or "SQL show index from `rm_wlan1` failed : Incorrect file format 'rm_wlan1'" error message is displayed


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